Buying plays through the Soundcloud Plays service (sound is a simple and easy process for rising online musicians to take part in. There are key several benefits to be had from investing in additional plays, from increased online exposure and popularity, to potentially even landing a full blown recording contract licensed through a music label.

Via Soundcloud Plays, users of the Soundcloud service are invited to purchase additional plays for their music through several affordably priced tiers, which balance a high number of plays with a low initial cost. Currently, the highest number of plays that the company offers in a single transaction is a whopping 60,000. This highest level of plays costs 150 euros, or around 195 US dollars. The next highest tier will only cost 80 dollars for 20,000 plays, 10,000 plays will cost around 40 dollars, and 1,000 plays will cost 10. Via this service, it’s very easy for a user of the Soundcloud service to increase their rankings in the Soundcloud charts and, effectively, their overall popularity worldwide. After all, not only are record labels looking for artists and musicians who are genuinely talented, they are also looking for artists who come with a pre-packaged fan base who is easy and willing to be marketed and sold to. After all, music, like most other enterprises, is a business which needs to always maintain profitability.

Further, Soundcloud Plays is an entirely legal and legitimate way for artists to gain exposure. Not only does the Soundcloud Plays company offer a guarantee that the given number of plays will be credited to a user’s Soundcloud song within 72 hours, it also asserts that in the case that it cannot fulfill a given request within the window that it has stated, it will grant a full refund to the user, and they also get to keep the additional plays which the company could fulfill.

Even though 60,000 plays may not sound like that much when stacked against popular mainstream artists such as Lady GaGa, who easily racks in millions and millions of plays, 60,000 is where it begins. From 60,000 plays, there will be a momentum built which could turn out to be truly unstoppable and turn an artist posting their songs for free online into a global phenomenon, for only $195 dollars. Soundcloud Plays is a truly exciting service for all levels of the music industry, and will surely revolutionize the way that we are exposed to new forms of art